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Self-leveling floors and low thickness levels for high efficiency systems for your structure.

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Who we are


In 2002 was born the only construction company that could create the best floors for your structure.

From an idea and experience of Mr. Cosimo Gemma:
Edil New House.

It doesn’t matter at what height, what position, what place. We can get everywhere.

You can rely on us, we are the only guarantee.

We have everything we need to work independently:

  • Installations
    Twenty production plants: ten of sand and cement (additives and fibers to obtain different results), five self-leveling and low-thickness levels, five cellular concretes and perlite polystyrene (thermal).
  • Vans
    Four vans (small and equipped) to get to uncomfortable places.
  • Processing
    Insufflation (vertical walls for insulation). Insulation for the attics. It allows the isolation of the environments in order to avoid heat exchanges (thermal aspect) or vibrations (acoustic aspect) between them.


Edil New House Traditional Sand-Cement Screed

Traditional sand-cement screed

Innovative and designed for ceramics,
parquet and other materials.
Composed of cement, water and sand for greater durability over time.

Edil New House Self-Leveling Screed

Self-leveling screed

Designed with a cement base.
Used for underfloor indoors.
Studied with suitable blends to obtain
quick drying.

Edil New House Levels


Latest technology used in the construction field, they are used to minimize the thicknesses of application of screeds and to save money
precious space.

Edil New House Cellular Concrete

Cellular concrete

Used as an intermediate filling
between the floor and the final screed.
Creates low static load thicknesses to increase thermal insulation.

Edil New House Polystyrene Mixed Cellular Concrete

Polystyrene mixed cellular concrete

The difference between standard cellular concrete and polystyrene mixed cellular concrete consists in the insertion of polystyrene beads.
It guarantees greater and even more
stable thermal insulation.

Edil New House Insulations

Insulation and thermal

We have matchless experience in this field.
This mixture guarantees both thermal and acoustic insulation which greatly increases the living comfort of the building.

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